Friday, November 7, 2008

NY Jets Better Not Get Caught Sleeping

The New York Jets (5-3) are in a great position to sieze the moment and right the ship once and for all going into a game at mid-season against a 2-6 St Louis Rams team lead by interim coach Jim Haslett. But you really never know with these Jets after a loss to the terrible Oakland Raiders, a team they were favored heavily to beat, and a tough time against Herm Edwards pitiful Kansas City Chiefs, another game they should have won with ease. Then last week they came up big and beat the Buffalo Bills, pretty convincingly, to make it a three way tie for first place in the AFC East with the Bills and Tom Bradyless New England Patriots. The much improved Miami Dolphins are only a game behind at 4-4 in second place in a division that is the most evenly competitive in the Conference at mid-season. Being a longtime New York Jets fan I can tell you that this is the time for the Jets to crash...or..dare I say it...soar. If they win this game against another mediocre team they can go into next week against the Patriots with nothing less than another tie for first place in the Division and a chance to be atop it alone. That's why this week these Jets better not get caught sleeping. They need to go in to this game and stay disciplined, not make alot of bone headed mistakes against a team they're favored to beat at home by 9 points. Brett Favre needs to minimize the interceptions by not taking too many risky chances and throwing punts to the Rams. The NY Jets are poised to make that next step and prove everybody wrong once and for all; that they can win consistently against the teams they should beat as well as some of the upper echelon teams like the Buffalo Bills. Hopefully they set the alarm clock and don't get caught in bed with their pants down. Wake up Jets: there's still a chance to soar. All you have to do is do it!