Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Lucky Win Yields "Same Old Jets"

These 2008 New York Jets tried their best to give the hapless Buffalo Bills the game Sunday but Dick Jauron and the Bills just didn't want to take it. Jauron decided to overrule his offensive coordinator and change a call late in the game and have quarterback J.P. Losman roll out and attempt a pass rather than continue to do what was working and eat up the clock by running the ball. The whole game Marshawn Lynch and Fred Jackson ran on the Jets like O.J. Simpson running from the cops. They were unstoppable rushing for 158 yards combined on 28 carries, and all Jauron had to do was hand it to one of them just before the 2 minute warning and get one more first down to win. By now you know what happened instead; Abram Elam knocks the ball loose from Losman and Shaun Ellis scoops it up and rolls like a joint into the endzone for the winning TD and the first of his career. Give Ellis a big bong hit, he earned it! But all this win is gonna do is prolong and postpone the agony. These 2008 Jets are headed on a flight to nowhere quick. I could already see the final game of the season for the AFC East, against Chad Pennington's Miami Dolphins, being set up as the big letdown weeks ago, and now it looms just around the corner. Same Old Jets on the way. This Jets Fan is so used to it by now I actually expect it!

Brett Favre and the Jets offense looked pretty good this game, but as in all of the Jets losses this season, and some wins, they failed in one or two of the facets of the game; this time it was a porous run defense (a recurring theme this year) and poor special teams play. It always seems to be that way with the Jets this season; if the offense plays well they blow it on defense or special teams, if the defense plays well (not often, but sometimes) they blow it with missed plays and mistakes on offense. They owe this win to lady luck and bad coaching, they'll take it and deny the truth; that they deserved to lose this one.

The potential is there, as seen in the five game winning streak, especially the wins against New England and Tennesee. All they have to do is put the winning teams (offense, defense, and special teams) out on the field consistently these last two games (and in the...dare I say it...Playoffs!). But all of us Long Time Jets Fans know what's in store for us in one way or another. Here come the "Same Old Jets"...get ready for the holidays!

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Friday, December 5, 2008

Jets Crash Should Be Wake Up Call

So the NY Jets finally crashed against the Denver Broncos after flying high on a five game winning streak ending in Tennessee against the previously unbeaten Titans. Really, losing is probably just what the Jets needed to wake them back up for the last four games of the regular season. Even though they claim their heads were not swollen from the five game winning streak it's gotta be hard to not be a little over confident going in to a game like the Denver Broncos game. They seemed to be a good match with the Broncos poor rushing defense and the Jets recent success at the running game; Thomas Jones has already rushed for over 1000 yards in 12 games. But the Jets went in with a bad game plan and failed to adjust after the half, and Brett Favre and the receivers regressed to their early season problems of not being on the same page, and the defense failed to put enough pressure on Jay Cutler or stop Denver's weak running game. It really boiled down to fundamentals: poor tackling, bad game plan, penalties, turnovers, poor play calling. Now the New York Jets need to do some soul searching and turn things back around against an inferior but Mike Singletary motivated San Fransisco 49ers team. Hopefully Mangini went back to stressing those fundamentals in practice this week so that the Jets don't blow another game on the west coast. So far they're 0-2 on the west coast this season, losing big against the San Diego Chargers on Monday Night Football and losing to a terrible Oakland Raiders team in overtime in a game they should have dominated. Following that game came their five game winning streak in which they seemed to build steam because of that Raiders loss. The NY Jets need to use the Broncos loss for the same kind of inspiration and go back to playing mistake free football and it needs to start this week in San Fransisco.

Friday, November 7, 2008

NY Jets Better Not Get Caught Sleeping

The New York Jets (5-3) are in a great position to sieze the moment and right the ship once and for all going into a game at mid-season against a 2-6 St Louis Rams team lead by interim coach Jim Haslett. But you really never know with these Jets after a loss to the terrible Oakland Raiders, a team they were favored heavily to beat, and a tough time against Herm Edwards pitiful Kansas City Chiefs, another game they should have won with ease. Then last week they came up big and beat the Buffalo Bills, pretty convincingly, to make it a three way tie for first place in the AFC East with the Bills and Tom Bradyless New England Patriots. The much improved Miami Dolphins are only a game behind at 4-4 in second place in a division that is the most evenly competitive in the Conference at mid-season. Being a longtime New York Jets fan I can tell you that this is the time for the Jets to crash...or..dare I say it...soar. If they win this game against another mediocre team they can go into next week against the Patriots with nothing less than another tie for first place in the Division and a chance to be atop it alone. That's why this week these Jets better not get caught sleeping. They need to go in to this game and stay disciplined, not make alot of bone headed mistakes against a team they're favored to beat at home by 9 points. Brett Favre needs to minimize the interceptions by not taking too many risky chances and throwing punts to the Rams. The NY Jets are poised to make that next step and prove everybody wrong once and for all; that they can win consistently against the teams they should beat as well as some of the upper echelon teams like the Buffalo Bills. Hopefully they set the alarm clock and don't get caught in bed with their pants down. Wake up Jets: there's still a chance to soar. All you have to do is do it!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Jets Beat Bengals with Defense & Special Teams

The NY Jets(3-2) won this weeks game against the 0-6 Cincinnati Bengals primarily with good defense and special teams which kept creating good field position. Even after both of Brett Favre's interceptions, deep in Bengals territory, the Jets held Cincinnati and got the ball back with good field position and scored a field goal and a touchdown in response. After Favre's fumble was returned for a touchdown by Chinedum Ndukwe(say that 10 times fast) on the first series of the game, the Jets came right back with a long 10 play TD drive of their own. That drive was set up by another great kickoff return by Leon Washington of 46 yards, shortening the field for Favre and the offense to drive downfield; and this was the case throughout the game with the Jets offense starting on average at their 46 yard line. That's what wins games, and it was accomplished with good special teams, great run defense(43 Net Yards), and pressure up front on the inexperienced Ryan Fitzpatrick(Sacked 5 times, Hurried 6) by Calvin Pace, Kris Jenkins, and company. So in a game that future Hall Of Famer Brett Favre made his share of risky mistakes, the New York Jets did what they needed to do with their other units to get the job done and get the ugly win; and we all know that an ugly win is still a win whether Favre considers it ugly or not. The Jets need to win, ugly or pretty, the next two games, which concludes the soft part of their schedule, at Oakland and at home against Kansas City. They could conceivably be 5-2 going into week 8 at frigid Buffalo (4-1) Nov 2nd. By that time the Jets need to play consistently in all three phases of the game because most of the remaining games, starting with the Bills, are against real teams and defense, special teams, and offense need to produce. If not they'll be losing some ugly games instead of winning them.

Monday, October 6, 2008

NY Giants Look Like The Team To Beat In NFL

Eli Manning and the defending Super Bowl Champion NY Giants are starting to look as though they've emerged as the team to beat in the NFL. Even without banished WR Plaxico Burress at their disposal the New York Giants slaughtered the Seattle Seahawks at Giants Stadium yesterday 44-to-6, dominating in all facets of the game. Manning played one of the best games of his career throwing for 267 yards completing 19-of-25 and 2 TD's. The Giants showed their depth at wide receiver with rookie Domenik Hixon replacing Burress as starter and catching 4 passes for 102 yards and one TD before leaving the game with a concussion and being spelled by Sinorice Moss (4 catches, 45 yds, 2 TD's). This combined with a strong running game by Brandon Jacobs (15 rushes for 136 yds 2TD's), Ahmad Bradshaw, and Derrick Ward produced 523 total yards of offense for the game. With that many yards on offense you don't even have to play good defense but the Giants did; yielding only 6 points to the Seattle Seahawks, a projected NFL Playoff team. That leaves the New York Giants and the unlikely Tennessee Titans as the only two undefeated teams in the NFL after 5 games into the season; and the Giants, being defending Superbowl Champs, are officially the team to beat in the National Football League. They are no longer the underdogs they love to be. It's a new role for these NY Giants and they look like they're ready for the prime time spotlight in the NFL right here and now.


Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Keep Favre's Breakout Game In Perspective

Brett Favre finally had his breakout game for the NY Jets we all knew he would eventually have. Who thought he would throw for 6 TD's in one game, 3 to Laveranues Coles? Well I for one know that anything is possible with Favre. But with that possibility also comes the risk of throwing some interceptions when chances are taken. So if you want Favre and Schettenheimer to take those chances rather than run the ball three times in a row (i.e. New England Game) you have to be willing to accept an interception or two along the way. He's that kind of a quarterback; you have to let him take his chances and sling the ball and hope that he makes more plays than he blows; and historically he's made a whole lot more than he's blown to date.

Favre's breakout game is due to two major reasons though. One: Favre is more on the same page, obviously, with his receivers, especially Coles who had his best game TD-wise with 3 TD's. Two: The Arizona Cardinals are not such a great team. They tried to hand the game to the Jets with 7 turnovers (3 INT's, 4 Fumbles lost). The Jets took the game over in the 2nd quarter by scoring 34 points after a scoreless 1st quarter, but tried to hand the game back to the Cardinals by spotting them 21 points in the 3rd quarter to make things interesting. They just happened to outscore them in the 4th quarter enough to win the game by 21, in a wild mistake filled game with a Final score of 56-35 Jets. Crazy!!! But keep this win in perspective. Favre did have a breakout game, no doubt, and it's nice to see Cole's get over his crush on Chad Pennington already and get involved in a big way; but The Jets defense really played up and down in this game by laying down in the 3rd quarter and giving up 35 points in the second half. The Jets were lucky they were playing the hapless Cardinals who repeatedly turned the ball over at the most inopportune times (like the whole game). So far this season the Jets beat two Bad-to-Mediocre teams and lost to two Superior teams. So keep it in perspective. They're 2-2 now. Not bad, but not great either. Favre does make it exciting and the Defense did show flashes of what they might become, but they were too inconsistent to believe they're gonna get away with a win every week if they play like that. The Jets are headed in the right direction from the looks of it. They just have to continue to head that way. In two weeks, after the Bye Week, we'll see. They play Cincinnati, an 0-4 team, who most likely will be 0-5 after playing Dallas this week, and will certainly have their backs up against the wall one way or another. That should be a game The New York Jets dominate too. They could easily be 3-2 going into week 7. Don't think they're sittin' pretty yet. We'll see. Enjoy being .500 right now though fellow Jets fans. Enjoy.

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Monday, September 29, 2008

Shea It Isn't So! Mets Anything But Amazin'

The New York Mets organization paid tribute to Shea Stadium last night in an anti-climactic celebration following their season ending, playoff eliminating, loss to the Florida Marlins. While the '08 "Anything But Amazin'" Mets cried in their clubhouse after the 4-2 loss, Mets greats from the past participated in a bittersweet ceremony to bid farewell to Shea. Such greats as Willie Mays, Yogi Berra, Lenny Dykstra, Darryl Strawberry, Dwight "Doc" Gooden, Keith Hernandez, Ron Darling, Tom Seaver, Mike Piazza, and a whole lot more participated in the ceremony. Each one stepped on home plate one last time. They finished the ceremony with a last (ground) pitch by Seaver to Piazza, followed by the two of them walking off embracing and closing the big blue gates leading to the field one last time while waving goodbye. The Beatles "In My Life" played through the PA system. I couldn't help but think about how the Jets used to open those gates up when the opposing teams would attempt field goals, inviting the swirling winds, and close them on the Jets FG attempts. However sweet it was to see Seaver and Piazza walk off together, two generations of Mets beloved by fans, it was that much bitter to see the last Mets season at Shea Stadium end the way it did; with a loss to the Marlins, and a win by the Brewers to clinch the NL Wildcard spot. The second year in a row collapsing at the end of the season and failing to live up to their potential. It's a bitter pill to swallow for any Mets fan. Who knows what they'll do next year; hopefully they turn over a new leaf in their new Citi Field Stadium. They need to be more consintent the first half of the season so that they're not in that position again. They need to do something about the lame bullpen and get a competent closer to replace Wagner. Oh well Mets..See ya next year. Farewell Shea Stadium. Thanks for all the good (and bad) memories. It's been Real, It's been Fun, It hasn't been Real Fun.

Photo: Kathy Kmonicek, Newsday

Friday, September 26, 2008

Can NY Mets Pull Off One More Miracle For Shea?

Can the Roller-Coaster Mets turn into The Miracle Mets one more time for Shea Stadium in a finale series against the Florida Marlins this weekend? Or will the 3rd place Marlins play spoiler again like a recurring nightmare replay of last seasons collapse? Will we see Pedro Martinez pitch another game at Shea Stadium, or anywhere other than Hall Of Fame videos in Cooperstown? Who knows? What we do know is the Mets won't win these games, or playoff games, with the bullpen. The only way they'll win is with great offense; hitting and base running like last night at Shea in a win to prevent a 3 game series sweep by the Chicago Cubs, who took the first two games of the series in two heart breakers. You never know with these '08 New York Mets. Last night had that Miracle Mets feel in the last 2 innings when in the 9th Carlos Beltran hit his 12th game winning RBI of the season, driving in Jose Reyes from second base, after a two run eighth inning on a Ramon Martinez single RBI and a miracle play slide by Ryan Church into home plate off a Robinson Cancel hit. Church was beat by the perfect throw by rightfielder Kosuke Fukudome to catcher Koyie Hill but somehow slid around Hill to his right and Hill missed him on a swipe tag allowing Church to reach back and score. The runs in the 8th set up the winning RBI by Beltran in the 9th to possibly save The Mets season and extend Shea Stadiums life a little longer. Thank the Baseball Gods it didn't come down to the relief pitching or closer Luis Ayala or any other closer, because whenever it comes down to the bullpen you know what the results are. Lets go Mets. Lets put a couple of games of really good offense together. Lets make some more of those miracle plays. Lets do it for Shea.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Jets Need To Capitalize On Opportunity vs Chargers

Brett Favre and The New York Jets need to capitalize on this opportunity against the weak pass defense of the San Diego Chargers tonight at Qualcomm Stadium on Monday Night Football. This is the perfect time for Offensive Coordinator Brian Schottenheimer to let Favre open up and air it out against a Charger's Defense, ranked 30th in the NFL, that gave up 437 yards in their first two games. Now is the time to sieze the moment to catch up to the New England Patriots(2-1), who lost to the Miami Dolphins on Sunday for the first regular season loss in 21 games. Especially after a week of heavy criticism by the New York media in response to last weeks conservative play calling against the Patriots in a series in which they rushed the ball three times in a row inside the Pats 10 yard line and didn't put it in. They wound up settling for a field goal on that series and ultimately lost the game. It would be a shame if The NY Jets didn't take advantage of this rare opportunity to be neck-and-neck with the Mighty Patriots at 2-and-1 three games in to the young season. So you gotta hope Schottenheimer unleashes Favre's arm finally. Let the Gunslinger sling the gun. Get ready Coles, Cotchery, and Stuckey; hopefully you'll have big games and open this thing up already on the big Monday Night Football stage.

Photo: C.W. Griffin/Miami Herald via MCT

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bottom Of The 9th 2 Outs Full Count For Yankee Stadium

It's hard to believe tonight is the last game at Yankee Stadium, "The House Ruth Built". Wow! Even this Mets fan can wax poetic about the MLB stadium with the richest history in the league. It's seen more World Series Games and MLB Championship Teams than any other baseball stadium in history. For me it's partly because my parents were both born and raised in The Bronx and my Father, Grandfathers, and Uncle were obviously NY Yankee Fans from the get go. My parents eventually settled on Long Island and my Father switched over to The NY Mets since my brother (not me yet since I was but a tot) and eventually I were Mets fans due to the proximity of Queens and Shea Stadium. The Mets were, and are, more of a Long Island team in my opinion. Anyway, I saw my first baseball game I can remember at Yankee Stadium probably around 1969 when I was 4 years old. My Grandfather brought my brother and I. I wish I had a picture from that day. I do have a memory though. My Grandfather was upset that all my brother and I were interested in were the hot dogs, cotton candy, and peanuts. Oh well, what do you expect from two little Mets fans? I still feel it's sad that this "Coliseum" of sorts will be torn down. What an incredible building. It's as much part of the New York landscape as The Twin Towers were. Well it's the bottom Of The 9th, 2 Outs, Full Count for Yankee Stadium. Goodbye House That Ruth Built. We'll miss you. You'll forever be ingrained in our memories as New Yorkers and Major League Baseball fans.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Acclaimed Sports Photographer Neil Leifer Book Signing SoHo NYC

Taschen Store in SoHo, New York City is hosting an event with the acclaimed sports photographer Neil Leifer tomorrow, Sept 19th. Leifer did a collector’s edition with Taschen last year that has sold out. Neil Leifer is a noted photographer for the Time family of magazines. As a boy in New York City, Leifer would gain free admission to New York Giants games by pushing the wheelchairs of handicapped patrons into the stadium. Using his free ticket and a camera, he would then position himself on the field with the photographers...Neil Leifer has photographed greats such as Muhammad Ali, Joe Namath, Bear Bryant, Willie Mays, etc. (read more about Leifer). This signing tomorrow is to celebrate the release of the unlimited $40 trade edition of his book. Taschen Store is located at 107 Greene Street NYC. If you love the photos of Neil Leifer don't miss this event. For more information call Taschen Store at 212-226-2212.

Photo: Neil Leifer

Monday, September 15, 2008

New England Patriots Still Class of AFC East and NFL

The NY Jets still couldn't pull off a victory against the New England Patriots at the Meadowlands Sunday even with The Patriot's hands tied behind their back. Without Tom Brady leading the Bunch the Patriots proved they're still the team to beat in the AFC East. Matt Cassel's first career start(16-for-23,165 yards,no TD's,no INT's) was one in the "W" column for the Pats as well as the New York Jets first loss of the season, dropping their record to .500, and extending the Patriots regular season winning streak one more game. It's apparent that even with Brett Favre (18-for-26,1TD,1INT) at quarterback Mangini's Jets are still not in the same class as the Patriots. The Jets were in the game until the fourth quarter, but just missed too many opportunities and made too many mistakes to compete on the same level as New England. Matt Cassel and Belichick's Patriots played mistake free football as usual, and The Jets were "the same old Jets" as usual too! The major difference between teams was the Jets were penalized 6 times for 60 yards compared to twice for 10 yards by the Pats, and the big interception of Favre by Brandon Meriweather on an ill advised, off balance pass in the 3rd quarter. Sometimes the chances Favre takes pay off, sometimes they don't. This was one that worked against him. Like the interception in last years Championship game against The Giants, Favre wished he could have this one back. Lets face it; Favre is exciting to watch because of the risks he takes to put his team in a winning position. But sometimes these very risks he takes backfire, and this time that's what happened. Another hiccup was Jay Feely's missed 31-yard field-goal attempt in the first quarter. You just can't make these kind of mistakes if you plan on beating the Patriots. Just ask the other NFL team that plays in New Jersey. Tom Brady is certainly one of the best quarterbacks of all time, but the Patriots proved that they can win without him. They're still a great team with a great system and a great coach (however much he lacks in personality). The Patriots are still the team to beat in the AFC East and in the NFL!

NY Mets Going Nowhere Fast

With 14 Games remaining in the '08 regular season the NY Mets seem to be headed down the same path as last September. The path to nowhere! With 27 blown saves this season, 11 of which were committed in the 9th inning, The Mets bullpen has the team ready to lose the National League East Division. If they do win it they're not gonna go far without a competent closer. Either somebody wakes up or the New York Mets can kiss the Pennant goodbye. This past weekend The Mets dropped two out of three to the weak Atlanta Braves after nice starting efforts by Johan Santana in Saturday's early game and Oliver Perez Sunday were blown in the 9th innings of those games. The Mets salvaged the series with one win in the late game Saturday. It seems as though they're trying to emulate last years collapse, blowing a seven game lead with 17 games remaining. Now they only have a one game lead over the Philadelphia Phillies with 14 games left. I guess if Luis Ayala or someone else doesn't pick up the slack of losing Billy Wagner the Mets seem like they're destined to repeat the downward spiral of last years end to the season. It's like their games are a microcosm of the season; sometimes strong going into the home stretch, but they find a way to blow it in the end.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Should NY Jets Rejoice Pat's Tom Brady Out?

Players and teams are never happy to see opponents get hurt, especially a season ending injury like New England Patriots Tom Brady suffered the first game of the season Sunday. And the Jets did express sympathetic feelings upon learning of Brady's season being cut short. But the consequences do exist. Matt Cassel will be the starter at the Meadowlands next week against the NY Jets, and presumably the rest of the '08 season; and you would expect the Jets, and the rest of the NFL's AFC East, to rejoice that they won't have to face him this year. But stop right there Don't write off the New England Patriots just yet! Bill Belichick's teams have overcome key losses in the past (see Brady replacing an injured Drew Bledsoe a few years back) and they'll most likely rise to the occasion again. You never know! They may find another rising star in Cassel. He certainly has a great supporting cast around him on offense, and Belichick's Defenses are always strong units with lots of depth and this year will be no exception. So don't start rejoicing yet Jets Fans. There's plenty of football left. Tom Brady was just one player, although an important one, on a very strong team. He didn't single handedly win 16 regular season games and two Playoff games including the AFC Championship Game in '07. He was just one player on a whole team of champions to make it happen. I expect the Patriots will not lose a beat. They'll persevere; and they'll still rise to the top. It should be interesting though to see how this plays out for the Jets and the rest of the AFC East. What do you think will happen?

Note: New York Jets signed Kicker Jay Feely, 32, to replace the injured Mike Nugent.


Monday, September 8, 2008

Brett Favre's NY Jets Have That Magical Feel

The New York Jets much anticipated debut of Brett Favre vs the Chad Pennington led Miami Dolphins, which came right down to the wire, showed that this season, if nothing else, will be lots of fun for NY Jets Fans. It was fun to watch Favre(15-for-22,194 yards,2TD) work his magic with a mix of smarts, awareness of the situations around him, and a few gambling improvisational moves thrown in when needed. That 4th and 13 TD toss from the Dolphins 22 yard line to Chansi Stuckey proved that with Favre at Quarterback anything can happen. Not to mention his first TD pass as a Jet, a 56 yard play to Jericho Cotchery on 1st and 10 from the Jets 44 in the 1st Quarter (whoops! I mentioned it). Not that Chad Pennington(26-for-43,251 yards,2TD,1Int) was a slouch with the Jets or as a Dolphin yesterday, but Favre just has a special magic about him that can't be defined; and if yesterdays game is any indication of things to come this season for The New York Jet's it's gonna be interesting and exciting to watch. He brings that long game back to the Jets that they've lacked for a long time; probably since Vinny Testeverde's mirage season. The respect for that passing game also seemed to open up the running game for Thomas Jones; who ran for 101 yards and a TD, matching his TD total of last season in his first game of this one.

The Jets Defense looked pretty good too; with constant pressure on Pennington, including 4 Sacks of him, and giving up only 49 yards on the ground. Although it did get a little scary towards the end with Pennington driving with his ball control offense and never give up attitude, but the Jets Defense held on with a big interception by Terrelle Revis with seconds left in the game to put it away. And new aquisitions Calvin Pace (5 Tackles, 1 Sack) and Kris Jenkins, and Rookie Dwight Lowery (4 Tackles, 3 pass deflections) looked impressive.

Right now things look pretty good for the Jets. 1 and 0 for the season. Undefeated! Yes Jets Fans let's have fun this season and enjoy it while it lasts, because even if we do make the NFL Playoffs this year, and advance in them, the speculation will start again: will he play or will he retire. Oh well, just have fun and enjoy The Magic. Let's do it Brett! Jets,Jets,Jets!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Long Island Ducks Good Family Fun

I went to City Bank Park in Central Islip to see the Long Island Ducks play the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs and I was pleasantly surprised by competitive Baseball played in a beautiful intimate ballpark. It helped that I was in a private skybox, compliments of my brother-in-law, right behind home plate, but even if not it would have been fine. It's a very enjoyable atmosphere that's clean, friendly, and reasonably priced (food,souvenirs,tickets). Nice to see some familiar faces in Coach First Base Coach and part Owner Bud Harrelson, previously Manager of the Mets. As well as Pete Rose's son P..J Rose in the infield. All in all a nice place to see a Baseball game. I'd definitely go again. The Ducks won the game 4 to 1 also. Hey, it beats watching the Mets try to lose a 6 or 7 point lead in the closing innings from the side of my couch at home. There's grass on the infield, Play Ball!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Giants Lose Much More Than Game To Jets

The loss of Osi Umenyiora in an exhibition game against the NY Jets is a big blow to the NY Giants Defense. In a Preseason game that received much New York media focus on the Brett Favre Craze, Giants DE Omenyiora went down with a torn lateral meniscus in the second quarter while pursuing Favre, leaving the Giants with a monumental hole to fill on the Defensive Line for the season. Michael Strahan, retired and settled into his Fox television job, most likely will not come back. So the Giants are forced to cover for Omenyiora from within right now, with the most likely scenario of replacing him with Dave Tollefson or moving LB Mathias Kiwanuka back to his natural DE position. The second of which could be done easily due to the Giants depth at the Linebacker position. Only time will tell (of which they have little of) what the Giants will do to replace Omenyiora for the season. I say they shouldn't bother with Strahan, who might not be interested anyway. It's a chance to see if Tollefson can step up and play a bigger role than planned in this talented Giants defense. If Tollefson doesn't work out there, then go to Kiwanuka. In the meantime you still have Justin Tuck on the line to provide pressure on opposing QB's. I think Tom Coughlin will rise to the occasion and find a good solution to filling the gaping hole left by the loss of a key Pro Bowl player on Defense.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

New York Jets Leaving Hofstra

I'm pretty bummed that the New York Jets are not gonna practice any more at Hofstra University in Hempstead, NY just a short ride up Hempstead Turnpike for me. I've been spoiled with the NFL New York Jets practicing a few miles away most of my life. I've taken the opportunity to attend practice a few times every year for as long as I can remember. I took my daughter, five years old at the time, to practice two years ago and we were steps away from Curtis Martin, a living legend. There was nothing but a little fence seperating us. It absolutely left a lasting impression on my now seven year old. She still says to me "I miss Curtis, Daddy". I was there when Bill Parcells brought Vinny Testeverde back to New York. I watched the ageless Testeverde toss passes to Keyshawn Johnson and Wayne Chrebet while Parcells barked sarcastically at them. I went this year in the rain to the annual Green vs White Game before they released Pennington. I would have gone to see Brett Favre practice with his new team over the last two weeks but it's been too much of a zoo over there for me to deal with the hysteria.

It's kind of sad, though, that the NY Jets will be severing their last ties to New York. I mean they now practice and play in New Jersey. Why not just change their name to the New Jersey Jets. We could call them the Joisey Jets. Ehhh! What-a-ya-gonna-do? I'll still be a Jets fan. I'm smitten for life. I guess if I want to see the Jets practice next year I'll have to spend my $5.00 a Gallon on gas and head over the George Washington Bridge in bumper to bumper traffic just to get a peek. I don't think I'll be doing that too often. Oh well, thanks for allot of great memories Jets. I hope you like your new facility in Jersey.

Jets Practice at Hofstra July o7

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

NY Giants and Hixon Look Like Champs

In the New York Giants second preseason game Monday night at The Meadowlands against the Cleveland Browns WR Domenik Hixon and the Giants looked like the Champs they are. Hixon, in the absence of Plaxico Buress and Amani Toomer, hooked up with Eli Manning for two Touchdown catches and returned a Free Kick for another, all in the first half! Andre Ware was the highlight of the second half, rushing for 97 Yards on 10 Carries, and had 117 Yards on 3 Kickoff Returns.

But the good news for the Giants is that Eli Manning actually looked sharp in the preseason when he usually looks wishy washy. He's got a new confidence and swagger about him, finally starting his season off as a proven success in the NFL. Maybe he'll carry it in to the regular season and have a landmark year. You can only hope as a New York fan that he plays consistantly at that level for the whole year. If he does I can easily see the Giants going all the way again. And thats coming from a New York Jets fan.

What do You think?


Monday, August 18, 2008

Congratulations Michael Phelps Your No Mark Spitz

Congratulations Michael Phelps on winning Eight Gold Medals, one more than even Mark Spitz took home from Munich in 1972! Who thought we'd see that record broken in this lifetime? Not me. I remember watching those Summer Olympics in 72, when I was seven years old, with the rest of the world. It made such a lasting impression on me that I never forgot Spitz' name, and never will. But move over Mark Spitz, there's a new hero in town! His name is Michael Phelps. And not only did he break your record, but he's a much more personable, friendly, sportsman than you were in your day. You were almost considered arrogant by your swimming teammates and athletes in Munich in 72. But you do deserve plenty of credit for winning those seven Gold Medals and providing motivation for a generation of swimmers after you, including Michael Phelps.

Michael Phelps your a class act who will not only earn the big bucks in promotions, but also be a great ambassador for the sport of Swimming. Because of you little boys and girls all across America, and all over the world, are dreamming of breaking your record of 8, as you did one day. Maybe it'll take another 36 years to do; or maybe it will never happen. Who knows? Congratulations and Thank You Michael Phelps. You've been a pleasure to watch.

Photo:Paul Newberry AP

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Brett Favre Debut's With NY Jets

So the iconic superstar Brett Favre started his first New York Jets game, and most likely the last chapter of an incredible NFL career. NY Jets fans act as though The Jets need only pick up their Superbowl rings and go home for the offseason. Although I'm a lifelong Jets fan and usually at this time of the preseason proclaim "This year we're going all the way", I'll reserve my opinion for a while. There's got to be a reason why the Green Bay Packers let him slip away for a no name quarterback like What's His Name! I do admit that along with Favre comes lots of excitement, personality, talent, armstrength, and a winning attitude which comes from....well winning!

Don't get me wrong. I've always rooted for Brett Favre. There's something magical about him. Not only that, but the Packers wear green and gold and those were my High School colors (Lynbrook,NY). So, historically, as soon as the Jet's were out of the Playoff race, which was most years, I would root for Green Bay. Last year I rooted against them in the Championship Game because I liked The NY Giants for a change. You know; that whole underdog thing, and they are from New York!

I think The New York Jets do have a good chance of going to the NFL Playoffs this year, and I think Brett Favre puts them in a better position to get there. He's not the savior though. There are ten other guys on the offense and a whole defense and special teams too. So lets not jump too fast on this bandwagon. Give The Jets a few games (regular season games) before we annoint them Superbowl winners (or Playoff worthy for that matter). And even if they do well this season; who's to say they wouldn't have done well with Chad Pennington at the helm? Or Kellen Clemens for that matter?

"This year we're going all the way"

J.E.T.S. Bretts, Bretts, Bretts!!!!


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