Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New Jets Mentality

As a long term Jets fan I'm starting to think that I'm gonna have to change my way of thinking around here. However hard it may be, I'm gonna have to cut the cynicism and start believing! It almost rubs against my Jets grain. I've expected the Jets to screw up after decades of mediocrity and ineptitude and a few okay years. It's hard to break the habit of trying to figure out how the organization would blow it on a weekly and annual basis. Now I have to adjust to them being winners. Wow! What an adjustment.

Rex Ryan brought that winning mentality to New York-Jersey last year and continues with it in the 2010 campaign. At first it was entertaining and refreshing but I couldn't believe it yet. Now, after a trip to the AFC Championship Game last season, and an 8-2 record after four 4th quarter or overtime comeback wins in a row, I'm starting to become a believer. It's the only thing I can do! If you can look past the fact that the Jets defense keeps putting them in these situations where they have to come back at the end of games (which I can), then you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. And that light is the Big Game at the end of the playoffs.... dare I say it? No, I won't yet.

The NY Jets do seem poised to go in to next weeks game against the Patriots with a 9-2 record after beating the Cincinnati Bengals on Thanksgiving. And if they can beat New England again they can be 10-2 going in to the home stretch four games. But I'm looking too far ahead. First they have to beat the Bengals, who are a much better team than their 2-8 record indicates, with their high powered passing game featuring Carson Palmer, Chad Ochocinco, and Terrell Owens. First things first. But this NY Jets fan is starting to assume that these New York Jets are going to win (you know what happens when you assume). And with Mark Sanchez at the helm and the Jets offense playing the way they are playing it's hard not to believe; even if it does go against my losing Jets fan attitude. Thanks Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez, you're changing my way of thinking. Happy Thanksgiving! Let's not be turkeys. Win this one without a last minute comeback. Give the kid a break, so he can go home after the game and have some turkey and look forward to a great match up against the Patriots next week. Let's Go Jets!

Mets Start New Era With Collins, Alderson

The New York Mets ushered in a new era in GM Sandy Alderson announcing the hiring of the fiery Terry Collins as Manager. Collins previously was managing the Mets farm team. At his introductory news conference Collins said he hopes to lead the Mets to the Promised Land! Well Hallelujah! Praise The Lord! I hope so!

Terry Collins News Conference

After donning his new Mets uniform and cap he declared "I'm full of enthusiasm... I've learned to mellow a bit, but my love for the game itself leads me to wanting the game to be played correctly and that will never take a second step to anything. I'm not the evil devil that a lot of people have made me out to be". He praised the Mets roster and it sounds like the core might stay pretty much intact. We'll see. He said "We've got a lot of talented guys. We've got to let them play their game".

And so It seems like Terry Collins will be a colorful, interesting guy to watch and listen to, much like Jerry Manual and Willie Randolph of recent Mets Managerial history. Whether he can lead us to the Promised Land is to be seen. He says that there's no reason why they shouldn't be a winning team. It ought to be entertaining to watch him try anyway.

Sandy Alderson and Terry Collins

It's exciting to see a whole new regime for the New York Mets. It's gonna be a fresh new start. Let's hope they restore respectability to a team with great history in MLB. Terry Collins, welcome to New York!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

No Fall Classic For Cablevision Subscribers

News Corp's Fox 5 and Cablevision still have not settled their dispute over a new contract and News Corp continues to hold their programming, including the MLB World Series, hostage. The Dolans and Cablevision continue to play hardball and now some 3 million Cablevision subscribers across New York and Philadelphia are left to scramble to watch the Fall Classic, including yours truly.

I received an email from Cablevision last night, at around 6:30 PM, an hour before Fox 5's TV coverage of Game 1 started across the country, informing me that if I registered at MLB.com and paid $9.99 Cablevision would refund me the money by crediting my bill. I could watch the World Series right on MLB.com. Sounded good to me at the time, and so I immediately registered and paid the ten bucks. It was a no brainer! Unfortunately there were a few drawbacks. First of all; it turns out that MLB.com is partially owned by Fox. So the money I paid, which Cablevision promised to return to me, is going to News Corp anyway! The other major problem, for me, is that watching the game streamed on MLB.com sucks! They give you many camera angles to choose from, but you don't get any stats on the screen, nor any pitch count, and the picture keeps freezing up. So I wound up paying more attention to the Knicks game on my TV (broadcast on MSG Network) than the World Series freezing up on my laptop. What a bummer! At least the Knicks won. Oh well. I guess I don't have the right to see the Fall Classic this year. I only hand over close to $140.00 per month to Cablevision; why should I be able to watch what I pay for? I long for the time that things were simpler, when televisions were hooked up to rabbit ears and analog signals came over the air waves. It's the price we pay (or don't pay if you're Cablevision) for living a digital life! I don't know what I'm gonna do for the Jet's game on Sunday against Green Bay. Maybe I'll just go to my neighborhood bar and watch the game with all the other low lives who don't have Verizon Fios. Play ball!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Favre Left To Explain After MNF Loss

Photo: Jennifersterger.com

After Brett Favre got sacked trying to go fourth-and-inches with gorgeous former NY Jets intern Jenn Sterger last week, he and his Minnesota Vikings lost to the Jets at New Meadowlands Stadium on Monday Night Football last night. After leading the Vikings the whole game, the Jets were up against the ropes with a 22-20 lead with four and a half minutes left in the game and the dangerous Favre with the ball in crunch time. But the future Hall Of Famer has not been too dangerous (unless you're the 5'2" cutie Sterger) lately. Dwight Lowery sealed the game with a Pick Six on a 23-yard touchdown on an interception of Favre with 1:30 left in the game.

Typically, the New York Jets Prime Time game was surrounded by controversy, distractions, and big time side stories. This time, though, the dirt was in someone else' eyes. After Brett Favre was busted sending "salacious" photos to Sterger back in 2008, he was left crying to his teammates before the big MNF game, and likely crying after. His teary apology to his team for the distractions leading up to the game can only be read as an admission to his accusations; sending Jennifer Sterger crotch shots of himself and voice messages which are quite incriminating. It's quite sad to think that Favre would do such a thing and risk his squeaky clean reputation, not to mention his marriage. You would think he would know better than that! So now the NY Jets go on to meet the Broncos (2-3) in Denver next week and Brett Favre goes on to meet with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to explain what he was thinking back in 2008. No wonder why he went 1-4 those last five games with the Jets. He had other things on his mind. Good Luck Brett. See you in the tabloids.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Revis Off His Island

Darrelle Revis really stinks for listening to his uncle and agents and holding out the whole preseason. It’s disrupted progress for the whole defense and special teams, and shows how self centered he is rather than being a team player like Nick Mangold and D'Brickashaw Ferguson. Instead of having Kyle Wilson focus on returning, he had to concentrate on playing corner, prematurely, in place of Revis. Tannenbaum was also forced to keep Joe McKnight on the active roster since the Jets needed him to return punts. I give lots of credit to Mr Tannenbaum and Woody Johnson for not caving in to Revis' demands for so long! Unfortunately they need Revis there and had to give him enough to keep his whining mouth shut! I’m also kinda bummed about Tony Richardson being cut and hope he’s back soon!

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Too bad Football is a business… It ruins allot for the fans. I would have liked to see the NY Jets go all the way without Mr Island. Don't get me wrong; I love Revis and am happy he's back. But I think he should have honored his big boy rookie contract and if his agents couldn't get it worked out before training camp, he should have been at camp this whole summer. Oh well. Welcome back DR. Now put your money where your mouth is. Let’s Go Jets!

Friday, August 6, 2010

The Ninth Annual Brett Favre Show

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to the 9th Annual Brett Favre Retirement Show. Put away your hankies for the moment; The Man has not made up his mind yet. Contrary to what Favre may have texted to his buddies on the Minnesota Vikings or tweeted to the world, rest assured, there's only one thing for sure on the Brett Favre front, and that is that nothing is for sure.

The Canadian Press

This time of year Favre can change his mind like a woman in a shoe store. Keyshawn Johnson said on ESPN that he wouldn't trust that Favre will retire until the start of the regular season. I would take it a step further; I would say that Favre could step in any time during the NFL Preseason or maybe during the regular NFL Season. Who knows, maybe there will be an injury on Minnesota or elsewhere and he'll play. Don't count him out just yet. If Favre heals from his left ankle surgery successfully he might just be playing the last game of the preseason with some team (remember the Jets?) and then be anointed the starter. He loves to find a situation where he doesn't have to go through the whole training camp thing. He'd rather go fishing for the summer and then step in somewhere and play. Stranger things have happened. Actually THAT happened. So don't put it past the King of Football Drama Favre. Just sit back and watch the 9th Annual Brett Favre Retirement Show, and enjoy it while it lasts.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Saints Ain't Aints No More

Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints defeated their own Archie Manning's son Peyton and the mighty Indianapolis Colts in Super Bowl XLIV and finally replaced the stigma of the brown paper bags of Archie's "Aints" with the Who Dat? Nation of the Sean Payton and Drew Brees era! And it sure feels good for a city such as New Orleans which suffered the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina and is still trying to get it's feet back on dry ground. The underdog New Orleans Saints did the unthinkable in beating Manning and the Colts 31-17 in Miami at Sun Life Stadium.


It was a great Super Bowl! No matter who you wanted to win, it was just a great game to watch. The Colts dominating the 1st Quarter with a lead of 10-0. The Saints stole the momentum back in the 2nd Quarter making it 10-6 going in to halftime on two field goals, failing to convert touchdowns but putting points on the board nevertheless. They never gave back the momentum in the second half; opening up with a gutsy on side kick and recovering the ball to drive it down field for a TD and their first lead of the game at 13-10. But more important than the lead the Saints continued their momentum and even though the Colts did score one more TD New Orleans just did what they had to do; scoring another 18 points including a Field Goal, a TD and two point conversion and the pick-6 of Manning on his would be comeback drive by Cornerback Stacy Porter. That pretty much sealed it with the Saints up by two TD's. Porter was instrumental in picking off Brett Favre late in the NFC Championship win over the Minnesota Vikings as well.

There was no Peyton Manning heroics at the end of this one. Hey, the Saints won this one for old Archie. Finally the New Orleans Saints have won a Super Bowl. They're world champs. Take off those paper bags. This is the Who Dat? Nation now. Let Mardi Gras begin early! Grab a drink and a Po Boy. Lets party. Oh when the Saints, Oh when the Saints, Oh when the Saints come marching in. Oh how I'd love to be in that number. When the Saints come marching in.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Can Saints Stop Super Manning In Super Bowl XLIV?

I usually root for Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts in the post season after the Jets are out of contention. Indy is kinda my "second team" after the Jets. Especially since they've been out of the AFC East. When they were in the Jets division I hated them. Once the NFL realigned the divisions in 2002 from five to four teams per division and placed the Colts in the AFC North I had no problem liking them. Hey, they weren't in my team's division anymore. They were always an exciting offensive team to watch with a great quarterback in Manning and I liked Tony Dungy. So why not? Jets fans needed a team to root for in the Playoffs anyway. So I chose the Indianapolis Colts. But this year I just can't do it. Not after the NY Jets fell to the Master Manning and his Colts in the AFC Championship Game two weeks ago. I just can't bring myself to root for them. So I'm gonna go for the New Orleans Saints.

I love the city of New Orleans, having gone down there many times to go to Jazzfest, a wonderful music and heritage festival held every spring during the last weekend in April and first weekend in May. I absolutely fell in love with New Orleans while there for my annual fix of music, food, and partying in the streets. So why not cheer for their football team? Seems the right thing to do to me. After Katrina the city definitely can use the money and attention associated with a Super Bowl win. But can the N.O. Saints stop Manning in Super Bowl XLIV? It's not going to be easy! The Saints secondary is the weak link to their defense and Peyton Manning will find a way to exploit that weakness. Hell, he finds a way to exploit defenses even when they don't have such a suspect group like the Saints secondary. So why shouldn't he in this game? The key for the Saints defense will be if they can apply pressure up front with the front seven and rush Manning in to making quick decisions. If they can do that and contain the Backs (a huge feat in itself) they will have a chance. Like I said it's not gonna be easy!

Most teams, like the Jets, can come up with a plan to rattle Manning temporarily, but eventually he will figure the plan out and then he'll pick them apart. It's almost like opposing defenses should come up with two game plans for Indy and Manning. One for the beginning of the game and the other to switch to after Manning starts figuring out the first one. I kept thinking that that's what the NY Jets should have done in the AFC Championship Game. After Peyton started figuring them out and directing traffic in the second half the Jets should have come at him with something completely different. Like showing pressure up front but then dropping back in to coverage after the snap. Who knows? Maybe Rex can figure it out next year. Now it's Sean Payton's turn. Hopefully he can figure out a way.

I really just want to see a good game. It would be real sweet to see the Saints win the big game finally after all those years of futility and the wounds of Hurricane Katrina still fresh. It's just what the city can use. Drew Brees wants to deliver the victory to his adoptive city. And I'd definitely like to see Peyton lose now. So let's go Saints. It should be a great offensive game for both teams and that should make for a fun game to watch. Enjoy everyone. Who Are You? Who Who? Who Who?

Monday, January 25, 2010

Rex Ryan's NY Jets Fall To Superior Colts

I could say that I'm happy that Rex Ryan's New York Jets even made it to the NFL Post Season let alone a berth in the AFC Championship Game against the mighty Indianapolis Colts. I could say I'm satisfied because Rookie Mark Sanchez and the NY Jets started out with three wins to start the season, then went to 4-6 the next seven games and were pretty much written off by everyone (including themselves) with two games left to the regular season at 7-7 and dependent on lots of factors and little hope. I could say I'm pleased to know that the NY Jets look good going in to the off season knowing they've secured that franchise quarterback in Mark Sanchez, a feature Back in Shonn Greene, a Defense with lots of talent and promise, and a team which has bought in to Rex Ryan's system and love to play for their new Head Coach. This team should be sitting pretty next season once all-purpose RB Leon Washington and colossal Nose Tackle Kris Jenkins return from injuries, shouldn't that bring a smile to my face? No! This AFC Championship loss by the New York Jets hurts just as much as the others from the past.

The fact of the matter is that any loss in a game like that has to be considered a huge failure! Ask Rex Ryan and he'll tell you that the ultimate goal for the Jets was to go to and win Super Bowl XLIV. Which they failed to do, however entertaining it was to watch along the way. The New York Jets failed to be the better team on the field, a task they accomplished the previous four games. This time around both teams played as hard as they could and Peyton Manning and the Indy Colts proved they clearly are the superior AFC team, leaving the Jets at home to watch Super Bowl XLIV on TV once again. I know, I shouldn't say "same old Jets", what with the new culture Rex Ryan has brought to New (Jersey) York. But I will say "same old result". No AFC Championship for the Jets this time around, and no chance to play for the big ring and Vince Lombardi Trophy.

Ah the same old result; "there's always next year"! There does seem to be allot of promise for the near future for this NY Jets team. But you never know. It's not every year that you get a chance to play in an NFL Championship Game and you better take advantage of it when you do get the chance. Like the Colts did. Two things kind of puzzle me about the Jets in this game though; One - after giving up a TD to the Colts late in the first half, and with it the momentum in the game, why didn't they try to put more points on the board with 1:13 left in the half and one timeout and the passing game in top form? At least try to get three more points! It's the Championship Game for God sakes! Two - After Shonn Greene went down early in the 2nd Half and Thomas Jones essentially ineffective, why didn't Schottenheimer go to the Brad Smith Wildcat offense for a spark? Or insert Smith as a straight Running Back? Which he can do! Oh well, it's easy for me to second guess. I've had 41 years of practice!

So, it's been an interesting season for New York Jets Fans. They DID advance further than expected and show tons of potential for years to come with Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez at the helm. So for now it's back to the same old story; "look out for the New York Jets next year". Hey Jets - Atlantic City is just up the road. Why not take a ride and try your luck? Or maybe a few of you will head to Miami for the Pro Bowl. Enjoy the Super Bowl with your families. Hope to see some more magic next year. For now I'm left with that same old feeling of lost dreams and misery all Jets fans share in this heart breaking fraternity of ours. Let's Go Saints!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Underdog Jets Continue Unlikely Run

Okay, I admit it, I've been down on the NY Jets the whole season. Well actually it's been longer than this season. Well I guess it's been for a few decades. It's a defense mechanism of mine. If I expect them to blow it and lose then when they win I'll be happy and when they lose I can say "see I told you so". But now I'm happy they proved me wrong once again by defeating Philip Rivers and the San Diego Chargers yesterday in San Diego. The ball has just seemed to roll Rex Ryan and the New York Jet's way the last couple of games, and they've reveled in the underdog roll. Now they go to Indianapolis next week for the AFC Championship Game as underdog again with all the pressure on Peyton Manning and the Colts. I'm sure all the experts will be jumping on the Colts' bandwagon this week, predicting a Colts-Saints Superbowl. But Rex's Jets are gonna be loose and the Indianapolis Colts can't be too happy about the prospect of playing a confident NY Jets team that just seems to have the luck of the draw these days. One more magical game and the Jets will finally return to the NFL's big stage after a 40 year drought. Wow! Who whoulda thunk?


Rex Ryan just has these guys believing. And you know what happens when guys believe? They start to prove their beliefs. And that's precisely what Mark Sanchez and these New York Jets are doing. They've bought in to Ryan's scheme and they're following his NFL Playoff schedule, which ended with a NYC Tickertape parade, as well as his prophecy at his first news conference as Head Coach of the NY Jets when he proclaimed that his new team would be making a trip to the White House in the near future. Now he's brought them to within two wins of that very goal in his rookie season with a rookie QB in Sanchez, and all Jets fans can do is keep their fingers crossed and try not to think of the last two AFC Championship Games the NY Jets were in. Those memories are all too painful to me and all long time Jets fans; the Mud Bowl in Miami in 1983 which Richard Todd threw away to A.J. Duhe and the more recent 1998 loss to the Denver Broncos with Vinny Testeverde at the helm. Hopefully the Cinderella Jets continue with their unlikely underdog run and once again prove all the critics wrong. Once again they play a formidable foe in the Indy Colts. And once again they just have to execute their game plan of pressure defense, great rushing offense, and a mostly mistake free passing game.

American Stamp Collectibles New York Jets Evolution of the Team Uniforms Picture Frame

The Jets should be motivated by all the talk following their game 15 win over Indianapolis as being a present from Head Coach Jim Caldwell who pulled Manning and a number of other starters and seemed to basically concede the game to the Jets, who were later accused of backing in to the Playoffs after beating an uninspired Cincinnati Bengals the following week to "back in". The rematch with the Colts should be interesting to watch at the very least. The New York Jets have a huge task at hand if they plan on beating the Colts in Indianapolis for the right to play in Miami in the Super Bowl. I bet you Rex Ryan will have his guys all fired up and ready to compete at a high level come Sunday afternoon. One more game and you're in Jets. A few weeks ago we were saying that in reference to the Playoffs, now we're saying it in reference to the Super Bowl. Let's get rid of that Joe Namath curse once and for all. The one in which he traded the Jets soul to the devil for that one win after his cocky guarantee he would win Super Bowl III. I think this 2009 Jets team wants to do it to prove Rex Ryan's press conference prediction correct. So far Ryan seems to know what he's talking about. Next Sunday we'll see if the Jets can do it again.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

NY Jets Advance Beyond Expectations

Rex Ryan's New York Jets have done the impossible by beating the Cincinnati Bengals two weeks in a row, at home and away in the Wildcard Playoff Game, to advance to the Divisional round against the San Diego Chargers. I have to admit they proved me wrong last week and beat the Bengals convincingly by playing their new brand of Jets Football; Pressure Defense, Strong Rushing Offense, and a mistake free, high percentage Passing game by quarterback Mark Sanchez. They were able to accomplish this as a result of the guys in the trenches; the Offensive and Defensive Lines as well as the whole Defense providing constant pressure on Carson Palmer and shutting down Cincinnati's Receivers. Darrelle Reevis continued his incredible run against Chad Ochocinco by nearly shutting him out completely, making Laverenues Coles the Receiver to go to for Palmer. Coles had a good day, but took a real beating by the Jets Defense as well.

Highland Mint New York Jets Mark Sanchez Draft Photomint

The Bengals just really did not play well. Palmer was off target and constantly under pressure. They really did not even look like a playoff team the last two weeks against the NY Jets. Don't expect Philip Rivers and the San Diego Chargers to do the same for the Jets. The Jets seem to have lots of confidence and momentum, good qualities for an NFL Playoff team, but the Chargers are a red hot team. If the Jets stick to their Rex Ryan game plan and excecute like they have the last three or four weeks they'll have a chance. But it's not gonna be easy. It's gonna be a fight on both sides of the ball. Hopefully they don't go in too cocky. It's hard to not be cocky with a coach like Rex. But I like that he's confident and expects his team to win and go all the way. Every team should believe they're gonna go all the way. If not then why would they be playing anyway? Let's do it Jets!