Monday, January 17, 2011

I Had A NY Jets Dream

I had this weird dream last night that Rex Ryan and the NY Jets beat Bill Belichick, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots in the AFC Divisional round of the playoffs. You know how I know it's a dream? The Jets pretty much dominated the Patriots and led them through most of the game! We all know that if the Jets could muster up a W against the Pats that they would keep us on the edge of our seats till the last moments of the game, or better yet, into overtime!

Martin Luther King

In fact, it turns out, it was not a dream. I woke up and the paper confirmed it! And the final score of 28-21 does not reflect the domination the winning Jets imposed upon the Patsies. Tom Brady and company were pretty desperate at the end, trailing 28-14, and scored what turned out to be a garbage time TD to bring the score to within a TD. But the Jets covered the onside kick (twice) and New England is history, see ya next year, adios! And the New York Jets advance to the AFC Championship Game once again. As Rex Ryan said "..same old Jets, we're in the AFC Championship Game again. The only difference is we plan on winning it this time". It's the new "Same Old Jets", and they're quite entertaining and fun to watch. Certainly better than the stuffed sweatshirts that their counter part, arch rival, Patriots are!

New York Post

As I said in my post before the Patriots game if Mark Sanchez plays better than in Indianapolis and the Jets stick to the ground and pound and the defense applies pressure to Brady (three big ifs) the Jets can win this game; and I say the same thing about Pittsburgh, just substitute Brady's name with Big Ben Roethlisberger. Use the same mentality and the Jets can beat the Pittsburgh Steelers like they already did in December. The Jets are built to beat them. If they play their A Game they can beat anybody, just take a look at the tape from yesterday's game; total domination of a 14-2 team with a future Hall Of Fame Coach and quarterback. Bye bye Patriots. Here we come Pittsburgh Steelers. Been there, done that, let's do it again! Wouldn't it be ironic if Rex Ryan's NY Jets played the Chicago Bears in the Super Bowl? Both teams with Super Bowl connections to Ryan's father Buddy, who was with the Jet's as an assistant and the Bears as Head Coach during both teams Super Bowl appearances. Well let's not think too far ahead. Pittsburgh first. See you there.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Jets To Knock Next Monkey Off Shoulders

In beating Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts, Rex Ryan and the New York Jets earned the chance to go to Foxboro and knock the next monkey off their shoulders. They wanted the chance to play the New England Patriots a third time to prove that the last match up was an anomaly in their 11-5 season; that it was just a day they woke up on the wrong side of the bed and got blown out 45-3 by Bill Belichick's bullies. But this monkey up in Massachusetts is more like an ape! He even kinda resembles one on the sideline in sweatpants and a hoodie and holding a clipboard. And his quarterback, Tom Brady, is just as fun as monkeys in a barrel!

Tom Brady

If the Jets play like they did against the Colts in the AFC Wildcard Game this past Saturday, they can plan on being home on their couches to watch the AFC Championship Game the following week. The defense played a great game, short of that one long play to Garcon for the TD in the 2nd quarter. The Jets ground game was awesome, they kept the ball away from Peyton in the 2nd half, which was key. But this week Mark Sanchez has got to do better than he did against the Colts. Sanchez just makes you wonder whether his shoulder is hurting more than he's giving on to, or if he's regressing, or did he just have a bad day? Some of his passes had some zip on them and others were just plain off. He made the big play to Braylon Edwards on the winning drive, but most of the game he was unimpressive to say the least. The Jets need Sanchez to be on top of his game against the Patriots because their not gonna get away with a one dimensional offense through a whole game in New England. They need to keep the Patriots honest with some sort of passing game. Use the run to set up the play action for some big plays. If not, Rex Ryan should put Mark Brunell in. He looked pretty good against Buffalo. But I guess anyone would've look good against Buffalo! Anything would look better than the kid did last week.

I'm not saying Mark Sanchez needs to play like Peyton Manning. He just has to play better than last week. The Jets should stick to the "ground and pound" mentality and just use the passing game to open up the rushing game and vice versa. I think The Man on offense really should be Shonn Greene. All you have to do is look at the Jets Playoff run last year to see that Greene gets strong at this time of year. He was a monster in last years Playoffs and can be the key to keeping the ball away from Tom Brady in the Divisional round on Sunday! And that's what the Jets should try to do. Keep it away from Brady (like they did against Manning) and run, run, run! Then pass it when you need to and when you think you can catch the Patriots defense off guard. Only time will tell, but I have a feeling the Jets will be ready to play on Sunday. Hopefully Sanchez and Rex Ryan and the NY Jets can knock the Belichick and Brady Monkey off their green backs. Let's Go Jets!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Rex Ryan's Jets Face Old Demon

Rex Ryan and his NY Jets go into this Saturday's AFC Wildcard Game facing a familiar nemesis - Indianapolis Colts' Peyton Manning - otherwise known as Superman. And IF the Jets can pull it off against Manning's Colts they will be the lucky team to earn a chance to go to New England and play against Tom Brady's Patriots! Joy, joy! Hey Jets fans, we're in The Tournament and that means that anything can happen. Look at last year. Who thought the Jets would have gone as far as they did, before crashing in the second half of the AFC Championship Game against Manning and the Colts. That's why Ryan and Mike Tannenbaum went out in the off-season and acquired the missing pieces on defense that they felt would bring them up to that next level and be able to beat Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts, and Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. Those pieces to the puzzle are namely; Antonio Cromartie playing opposite Darrelle Reevis, and Jason Taylor and Trevor Price playing spot rolls on the line when they need to bring the pressure on the quarterback. Not to mention bringing in LaDainian Tomlinson and Santonio Holmes, two future Hall of Famers, on offense.

They specifically added these guys on defense in order to be able to beat the next two teams and QB's they must face (if they make it to the Divisional round) in the Playoffs. They know that both teams are beatable, and that they did already beat the Pats once this season. But in that first game the Pats WR Wes Welker was injured and out, and the second game the Jets got creamed by Bill Belichik and Brady and company 45-3! But first they must beat Indy by putting their brass' decisions and newest members on defense to the test. Manning doesn't have all of his weapons at his disposal due to injuries but has been raising the level of play of the fill-ins week in and week out. He's the kind of player who can do that.

Lots of people have been criticizing Rex Ryan for being so confident and running his mouth off so much; but what should he do? Say he expects to lose? Should he say that the Jets will never make it to the Super Bowl again? "I wouldn't want to insult Tom Brady now, because then he'll be mad at me and beat us". Is that what he should say? Every team and coach should go in to every game they play expecting to win it. If not, they shouldn't be playing professional football. The Jet's made it to the post-season and should be planning on winning it all. And every team should have that same plan! Isn't that what this thing is all about anyway? I enjoy Rex Ryan's enthusiasm and I think his players thrive on it. I think if anyone can bring them up to that next level it's Rex Ryan. Hopefully he gets his revenge on Peyton Manning and earns that trip to a third game against old Tom Brady. Because, hey you never know. Let's Go Jets!