Friday, August 6, 2010

The Ninth Annual Brett Favre Show

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to the 9th Annual Brett Favre Retirement Show. Put away your hankies for the moment; The Man has not made up his mind yet. Contrary to what Favre may have texted to his buddies on the Minnesota Vikings or tweeted to the world, rest assured, there's only one thing for sure on the Brett Favre front, and that is that nothing is for sure.

The Canadian Press

This time of year Favre can change his mind like a woman in a shoe store. Keyshawn Johnson said on ESPN that he wouldn't trust that Favre will retire until the start of the regular season. I would take it a step further; I would say that Favre could step in any time during the NFL Preseason or maybe during the regular NFL Season. Who knows, maybe there will be an injury on Minnesota or elsewhere and he'll play. Don't count him out just yet. If Favre heals from his left ankle surgery successfully he might just be playing the last game of the preseason with some team (remember the Jets?) and then be anointed the starter. He loves to find a situation where he doesn't have to go through the whole training camp thing. He'd rather go fishing for the summer and then step in somewhere and play. Stranger things have happened. Actually THAT happened. So don't put it past the King of Football Drama Favre. Just sit back and watch the 9th Annual Brett Favre Retirement Show, and enjoy it while it lasts.