Monday, December 28, 2009

NY Jets On Flight To Nowhere

So everything fell in to place for the NY Jets on Sunday; the Dolphins, Broncos, Ravens, and Jaguars all lost their respective games and Indianapolis Colts' Head Coach Jim Caldwell decided to hand the game to the Jets by pulling Peyton Manning and the rest of his starters halfway through the third quarter, and reducing the game to an exhibition game for his second string. Surprisingly the Jets stepped up to the opportunity, something they have failed to do repeatedly throughout the season, and manhandled the Colts backups, handing Indianapolis their first loss of the season and first loss in the last 24 regular season games (an amazing run by a powerhouse of an organization). It's obvious that had the Colts stayed with their starters they would have won that game and continued their streak. But Caldwell chose to rest his guys and get the second stringers some reps. Result - Rex Ryan's New York Jets' Playoff hopes are still alive. And if Cincinatti Bengals' Head Coach Sherman Lewis decides to do the same thing by resting Quarterback Carson Palmer and friends before the Playoffs the NY Jets will be the lucky recipients of another gift victory for the second week in a row.

But where do you think the New York Jets are gonna go? The Playoffs? The AFC Championship Game? Dare I say the Super Bowl? Wake up Rex Ryan! Wake up Jets fans! The NY Jets are on a flight to Nowhere, USA. If, by some miracle charity donation from Sherman Lewis, the Jets do win their last game at Giants Stadium, they have no chance in the post season. Believe me. I've been a Jets fan my whole life. I know. They're setting us up for heartbreak. But I won't let them break my heart this time; because I don't believe they can beat a real NFL Playoff team - with their starters - anyway. They may very well play the Bengals again in Cincinnati in the Wildcard Game if they do beat them this week at Giants Stadium, and that would be a good Bengals team including all their well rested starters. Let's face it; the Jets lost to some bad and mediocre teams this season including Buffalo, Jacksonville, Atlanta, and Miami twice. If rookie Mark Sanchez didn't throw the game away the Jets seemed to always find a way to lose it on defense offense or special teams gaffs. Always giving up the big play at crucial moments in the game. So if the New York Jets get a late Christmas present from the Bengals enjoy it this week because next week their just gonna find a way to break their fans green hearts. The legend of Joe Namath will live on.

Photo Getty/Andy Lyons