Monday, September 21, 2009

Jets Get Patriots Monkey Off Their Back

After all the big talk the past week by Rex Ryan and his New York Jets leading up to the home opener against the New England Patriots, the Jets finally backed it up. They outplayed Tom Brady and the Pats in a 16-9 Jets victory, the first home win against New England in 9 years and a huge statement to the AFC East, and the rest of the NFL, that this NY Jets team is gonna be a force to reckon with. The aggressive Rex Ryan defense continued to play exciting rush-the-passer schemes; blitzing much of the time and not allowing Tom Brady to get comfortable in the pocket to complete passes. And Darrelle Reevis and company were brilliant in the secondary, virtually shutting down perennial Pro Bowl Receiver Randy Moss (having Patriots TE Wess Welker out didn't hurt the Jets either).

AP Photo/Bill Kostroun

Once again Mark Sanchez "The Kid" played solid football for a rookie (or a veteran for that matter)! After a slow first half in which Sanchez only atempted five passes, completing two for a net minus two yards, The Kid played a good, mistake free second half; going 12-of-17 in the second half for 165 yards and the only TD of the game. Sanchez didn't throw an interception (he did fumble the ball early in the game but it was recovered by the Jets).

What I said after last weeks win in Houston still holds true. If the Jets defense continues to bring the pressure on ala Rex Ryan (they're starting to resemble the Baltimore Ravens D), and Mark Sanchez continues to play smart mistake free football, and they can get a good running game going, they're gonna be good. That's alot of If's! But so far they've done all those things. It's only two games so far, but all indications are that the 2009 NY Jets can back up their talk and beat some good teams. Hey, they beat Bill Belichick's Patriots. So look out Tennessee Titans. Here come the NY Jets!

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NFL Classifieds said...

Though I am a Cowboys fan, I watched this game and even Cheered when the Jets won! It was a Great game and I'm glad the Jets are coming back into their own.

dave@davesjoint said...

This was a fun game to watch and hopefully is foreshadowing for where the future of this matchup is headed. Fun if you're a Cowboys fan, exciting if you're a Jets fan! What do you think about Romo this season? Thanks for the comment. Hope to see ya again soon.

NFL Classifieds said...

Romo Nomo. And that's about all i got to say about that. ;) Seriously though. All he really needs is a coach to straighten his _____ Up!

Watch him. He truly doesn't know what is happening to him as he keeps trying to prove himself. But that's the problem as the more you try to prove yourself, the more you only show that you do not believe in yourself. It's a vicious circle. And Romo is trapped in it.

Oh well. There's always the Jets! :)