Sunday, September 13, 2009

NY Jets New Era Gets Off To Good Start

The NY Jets Rex Ryan/Mark Sanchez Era got off to a nice start with the first game of the 2009 NFL Season. Sanchez The Kid looked like a seasoned veteran at times, making some mistakes at others, including one interception and an illegal hit on the ensuing return, and almost threw two more int's. But overall The Kid played at Pro speed and was surprisingly good, going 15-24 for 207 Yards with a 104.0 Rating! He was almost refreshing to watch.

AP Photo David J. Phillip

I know, I know! Don't get carried away now. I mean...these are the New York Jets after all. I'm sure it's not gonna be peaches n' cream the whole season, but if Bart Scott and the Jets defense continues to pressure opposing quarterbacks and take away the run the way they did today to the Houston Texans and Matt Schaub, and the offense gets the ball into Leon Washington's hands, they should be pretty good this season. Especially considering they did it today without Shaun Ellis and Calvin Pace. I can't wait to see the defense once they're both back.

Kudos to Rex Ryan who breathed fresh life in to the Jets Defense as well as the whole team with his straight forward cockiness inherited from his dad. His team clearly outplayed the opposition. Rex's dad Buddy Ryan is probably pretty proud right now! But one game does not make a season; and there are 15 more games coming up, with Tom Brady and the New England Patriots coming up next week. So don't count your green eggs just yet Jet's Fans. Lets see what happens. Hopefully the misery is behind us. It seems like it'll at least be interesting to watch this year; unlike the last few years under the boring Mangini regime. Now that the NY Jets have a coach with a personality the team will have a personality too. So sit back and enjoy. Enjoy and be entertained. Isn't that why we're watching anyway? This season certainly promises to be entertaining at the least...and if we win? It's a new era so let's dream.

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