Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New York Media Starts Same Old Jets Talk

The honeymoon is over Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez! It only took the New York media till week seven to start the "Same Old Jets" talk. If nothing else they are the same old Jets just because the media has decided to anoint them as such. After week three the NY Jets were 3-0 and the NY media was putting them up on a pedistal and calling Mark "The Kid" Sanchez the second coming of Broadway Joe, and Ryan was Weeb Ewbank. Now three weeks later at 3-3, after an ugly loss to the lowly Buffalo Bills in which Broadway Mark threw six INT's, they're looking more like Joe Walton and Glenn Foley. Such is life in the New York spotlight. In this town when you're playing well you're darlings, and when you're not you're in the doghouse. Welcome to the city that never sleeps Rex and Mark, have a nice stay!

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I think Rex Ryan knew that this season with a rookie QB at the helm, no matter who that QB is, there were gonna be some ups and downs. He also knew exactly what it would be like in the Big Apple under the microscope in the biggest media market in the world. All he had to do was ask his father Buddy. But Rex is a realist and he knows where his team stands. He knows he still has good players (one less if you count Kris Jenkins) who will respond to these losses and try to make the improvements needed to win again. He'll also have to make improvements in his game management. In the first three games things just seemed to fall in to place for the Jets. And the last three games it was just the opposite, especially the Bill's game, when they committed penalty after penalty after turnover after turnover after questionable call. Now they're talking about simplifying the playbook for Sanchez and going back to a more basic plan. After giving Sanchez the car keys and letting him take take out his date he should go back to riding his bicycle now. There's got to be a happy medium. Maybe they just let him bite off a little bit too much than he can chew. I give Rex Ryan credit for sticking with Sanchez. It's the right decision at this time. Don't panic just yet. Make a change now and you lose the team's confidence in your decision making. Sanchez made mistakes in his first three games. The difference was he didn't make too many mistakes, and the rest of the team, especially the defense, played much better and got the job done. We got a glimpse of what this team can do and we started to jump the gun like so many other seasons in New York. We liked what we saw and started dreaming of yesteryear. But wake up now. Back to reality.

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The Jets go in to this weeks game against another lowly team, the Oakland Raiders. They should win this one. Sanchez just needs to develop his short term memory and forget about last week in particular. Protect the ball and don't turn it over. That, combined with better defense (without Jenkins), and good running will win games for the Jets. Once again, a good running game will take the pressure off The Kid and open up his Play-Action passing game. Get the win here where you should and prove the media wrong. Don't be the Same Old Jets!

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