Tuesday, October 6, 2009

NY Jets' Sanchez Crash Back To Earth

After an incredible, unprecedented 3-0 start to his NFL career, Mark Sanchez - and the NY Jets - finally played a game in which they were unable to overcome his rookie mistakes against a strong New Orleans Saints team in The Big Easy. It looked like The Kid Sanchez had one too many Frozen Hurricanes on Bourbon Street Saturday night (hey, is he old enough to drink?). Throwing multiple interceptions(3), one for a TD, and fumbling in his own end zone, while handling the ball like a hot enchilada, for another TD, Sanchez finally played a rookie clunker of a game! It was bound to happen, especially against a solid playoff caliber team like the Saints at home. The sad thing is that the Jets defense played so incredible that it's amazing how bad the offense had to perform to lose this game. I mean two series which they held the Saints back on 4th down tries and a couple of times they made goal line stands and forced them to kick field goals instead of going for a touchdown. But without a consistent running game the Jets offense becomes one dimensional and predictable, and that's not a good thing when you have a rookie QB in there. This, coupled with the poor protection from the Jets offensive line, spelled disaster for Sanchez and company, despite the strong play from the defense.

Highland Mint New York Jets Mark Sanchez Draft Photomint

Hopefully The Kid learns from these mistakes. My guess is he will. He made mistakes in the first three games but not as many as in New Orleans. Brian Schottenheimer and Rex Ryan have undoubtedly been telling Sanchez to protect the ball the first few weeks. I'm sure this week they must've been screaming it at him. But the key for Rex Ryan's players is to be lose and have a good time. We'll see this Monday night in Miami if Mark Sanchez can do that. It's not as easy to have fun when you lose, and I'm sure Sanchez is feeling that right now. He doesn't want that losing feeling again; so the key for him is to protect the football and minimize his mistakes. If the Jets' running game can get something going (don't they have two Pro-Bowl running backs?) and if the defense can limit the Miami Dolphins' Wildcat Offense, which has been averaging 183 yards per game (tops in the NFL), and if Sanchez wipes the butter off his fingers, they can win this game and be 4-1 atop the AFC East after the New England Patriots lost to Denver Sunday to go 3-2. Those are three big ifs.

It's a huge test for these New York Jets, and it will reveal what kind of character they have in '09. If they can bounce back on the road after a big loss away from home it'll show what kind of a team Rex Ryan is building. We'll see what the New York Jets are made of on Monday Night Football in Miami. Mark Sanchez; are you ready for some football? Hold on to it this time and IF the rest of the team can keep their part of the bargain you should come out ahead.

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