Monday, January 18, 2010

Underdog Jets Continue Unlikely Run

Okay, I admit it, I've been down on the NY Jets the whole season. Well actually it's been longer than this season. Well I guess it's been for a few decades. It's a defense mechanism of mine. If I expect them to blow it and lose then when they win I'll be happy and when they lose I can say "see I told you so". But now I'm happy they proved me wrong once again by defeating Philip Rivers and the San Diego Chargers yesterday in San Diego. The ball has just seemed to roll Rex Ryan and the New York Jet's way the last couple of games, and they've reveled in the underdog roll. Now they go to Indianapolis next week for the AFC Championship Game as underdog again with all the pressure on Peyton Manning and the Colts. I'm sure all the experts will be jumping on the Colts' bandwagon this week, predicting a Colts-Saints Superbowl. But Rex's Jets are gonna be loose and the Indianapolis Colts can't be too happy about the prospect of playing a confident NY Jets team that just seems to have the luck of the draw these days. One more magical game and the Jets will finally return to the NFL's big stage after a 40 year drought. Wow! Who whoulda thunk?

Rex Ryan just has these guys believing. And you know what happens when guys believe? They start to prove their beliefs. And that's precisely what Mark Sanchez and these New York Jets are doing. They've bought in to Ryan's scheme and they're following his NFL Playoff schedule, which ended with a NYC Tickertape parade, as well as his prophecy at his first news conference as Head Coach of the NY Jets when he proclaimed that his new team would be making a trip to the White House in the near future. Now he's brought them to within two wins of that very goal in his rookie season with a rookie QB in Sanchez, and all Jets fans can do is keep their fingers crossed and try not to think of the last two AFC Championship Games the NY Jets were in. Those memories are all too painful to me and all long time Jets fans; the Mud Bowl in Miami in 1983 which Richard Todd threw away to A.J. Duhe and the more recent 1998 loss to the Denver Broncos with Vinny Testeverde at the helm. Hopefully the Cinderella Jets continue with their unlikely underdog run and once again prove all the critics wrong. Once again they play a formidable foe in the Indy Colts. And once again they just have to execute their game plan of pressure defense, great rushing offense, and a mostly mistake free passing game.

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The Jets should be motivated by all the talk following their game 15 win over Indianapolis as being a present from Head Coach Jim Caldwell who pulled Manning and a number of other starters and seemed to basically concede the game to the Jets, who were later accused of backing in to the Playoffs after beating an uninspired Cincinnati Bengals the following week to "back in". The rematch with the Colts should be interesting to watch at the very least. The New York Jets have a huge task at hand if they plan on beating the Colts in Indianapolis for the right to play in Miami in the Super Bowl. I bet you Rex Ryan will have his guys all fired up and ready to compete at a high level come Sunday afternoon. One more game and you're in Jets. A few weeks ago we were saying that in reference to the Playoffs, now we're saying it in reference to the Super Bowl. Let's get rid of that Joe Namath curse once and for all. The one in which he traded the Jets soul to the devil for that one win after his cocky guarantee he would win Super Bowl III. I think this 2009 Jets team wants to do it to prove Rex Ryan's press conference prediction correct. So far Ryan seems to know what he's talking about. Next Sunday we'll see if the Jets can do it again.

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