Thursday, January 14, 2010

NY Jets Advance Beyond Expectations

Rex Ryan's New York Jets have done the impossible by beating the Cincinnati Bengals two weeks in a row, at home and away in the Wildcard Playoff Game, to advance to the Divisional round against the San Diego Chargers. I have to admit they proved me wrong last week and beat the Bengals convincingly by playing their new brand of Jets Football; Pressure Defense, Strong Rushing Offense, and a mistake free, high percentage Passing game by quarterback Mark Sanchez. They were able to accomplish this as a result of the guys in the trenches; the Offensive and Defensive Lines as well as the whole Defense providing constant pressure on Carson Palmer and shutting down Cincinnati's Receivers. Darrelle Reevis continued his incredible run against Chad Ochocinco by nearly shutting him out completely, making Laverenues Coles the Receiver to go to for Palmer. Coles had a good day, but took a real beating by the Jets Defense as well.

Highland Mint New York Jets Mark Sanchez Draft Photomint

The Bengals just really did not play well. Palmer was off target and constantly under pressure. They really did not even look like a playoff team the last two weeks against the NY Jets. Don't expect Philip Rivers and the San Diego Chargers to do the same for the Jets. The Jets seem to have lots of confidence and momentum, good qualities for an NFL Playoff team, but the Chargers are a red hot team. If the Jets stick to their Rex Ryan game plan and excecute like they have the last three or four weeks they'll have a chance. But it's not gonna be easy. It's gonna be a fight on both sides of the ball. Hopefully they don't go in too cocky. It's hard to not be cocky with a coach like Rex. But I like that he's confident and expects his team to win and go all the way. Every team should believe they're gonna go all the way. If not then why would they be playing anyway? Let's do it Jets!

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