Saturday, March 24, 2012

Tebowmania For NY Jets

At first I thought the whole Tim Tebow thing with the New York Jets...
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... was a big media ploy. But the more I think about it, the more I think that the Jets are serious about using Tebow to run the Wildcat Offense and to backup QB Mark Sanchez. The Jets really have missed having the Wildcat threat of Brad Smith and Leon Washington over the past two seasons. Acquiring the versatile Tim Tebow will obviously solve those losses with his talents running and passing the ball in the option. Jets fans and the New York Media can second guess Rex Ryan and Mike Tannenbaum all they want (and I have been), but how the Tebow thing plays out no one knows until it plays out. Let's wait and see.

Maybe Tebow to the Jets will work out after all!

The key is in Mark Sanchez playing up to his five-year, $58.25 million contract the Jets gave him last month before they signed Tebow. If Sanchez plays half as good as they're paying him then Jets fans won't scream for Tebow to take his place. If he does not play up to high expectations then as soon as he starts to struggle Jets fans will boo and heckle him and Rex Ryan and Offensive Coordinator Tony Sparano will think about replacing him with Father Tebow... and the NY Jets will have another quarterback controversy. But if Sanchez performs well then Tebow can be utilized as planned (or at least as the Jets brass would like us to think as planned) and everyone can be happy in Jets Nation. Either way get ready for Tebowmania to hit New York in a big way since the New York market is ten times bigger than Denver's, where Tim Tebow was the biggest thing since - well - John Elway or Peyton Manning. It's gonna be the biggest thing in New York since... Lin Sanity. Get ready New York, and get ready Mark Sanchez! TebowMania is about to begin!

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