Sunday, December 9, 2012

Is Mark Sanchez NY Jets History?

By replacing Mark Sanchez with Greg McElroy in a 7-6 NY Jets win over the lowly Arizona Cardinals at Metlife Stadium, has Rex Ryan ushered in the McElroy era for the Jets? Can Ryan go back to the bruised ego of Sanchez, his "face of the franchise" QB now, after three humiliating performances in losses to Miami and New England and two and a half terrible quarters against Arizona? Should Rex Ryan give McElroy the shot and start him over the underachieving $60 Million Sanchez? Why not? At 5-7 you might as well give the kid a chance and see what he's got for the next four games. You already know what Sanchez has got (or what he doesn't). Let's face it; it's apparent that Mark Sanchez is not the long term answer at quarterback for the New York Jets! Rex Ryan stood by his man and stayed true to Sanchez butt Sanchez squandered his opportunities and disproved himself to the organization and to the fan base. He's D-O-N-E DONE in New York as far as the fans and the media go. Jets brass are forced to go with the kid and see what he's got. It's interesting that Ryan waited to pull Sanchez in a game that Tim Tebow was not suited up for. I think McElroy really is the backup QB for the NY Jets and Tebow is really just a trick play quarterback and special teams or offensive special weapon - a change of pace ploy that never worked out and will be gone next year as fast as you can say "Brett Favre"! THAT WAS EARLIER THIS WEEK ...So now we know that Sanchez will start in Jacksonville and Rex will probably suit up all three QB's for the game. We'll probably never know what McElroy has to offer unless Sanchez screws up (likely) and Tebow is not healthy enough to play. You almost gotta hope that Sanchez screws up as usual just to see McElroy in there. Good luck Mark Sanchez!

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