Sunday, August 17, 2008

Brett Favre Debut's With NY Jets

So the iconic superstar Brett Favre started his first New York Jets game, and most likely the last chapter of an incredible NFL career. NY Jets fans act as though The Jets need only pick up their Superbowl rings and go home for the offseason. Although I'm a lifelong Jets fan and usually at this time of the preseason proclaim "This year we're going all the way", I'll reserve my opinion for a while. There's got to be a reason why the Green Bay Packers let him slip away for a no name quarterback like What's His Name! I do admit that along with Favre comes lots of excitement, personality, talent, armstrength, and a winning attitude which comes from....well winning!

Don't get me wrong. I've always rooted for Brett Favre. There's something magical about him. Not only that, but the Packers wear green and gold and those were my High School colors (Lynbrook,NY). So, historically, as soon as the Jet's were out of the Playoff race, which was most years, I would root for Green Bay. Last year I rooted against them in the Championship Game because I liked The NY Giants for a change. You know; that whole underdog thing, and they are from New York!

I think The New York Jets do have a good chance of going to the NFL Playoffs this year, and I think Brett Favre puts them in a better position to get there. He's not the savior though. There are ten other guys on the offense and a whole defense and special teams too. So lets not jump too fast on this bandwagon. Give The Jets a few games (regular season games) before we annoint them Superbowl winners (or Playoff worthy for that matter). And even if they do well this season; who's to say they wouldn't have done well with Chad Pennington at the helm? Or Kellen Clemens for that matter?

"This year we're going all the way"

J.E.T.S. Bretts, Bretts, Bretts!!!!

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