Monday, August 18, 2008

Congratulations Michael Phelps Your No Mark Spitz

Congratulations Michael Phelps on winning Eight Gold Medals, one more than even Mark Spitz took home from Munich in 1972! Who thought we'd see that record broken in this lifetime? Not me. I remember watching those Summer Olympics in 72, when I was seven years old, with the rest of the world. It made such a lasting impression on me that I never forgot Spitz' name, and never will. But move over Mark Spitz, there's a new hero in town! His name is Michael Phelps. And not only did he break your record, but he's a much more personable, friendly, sportsman than you were in your day. You were almost considered arrogant by your swimming teammates and athletes in Munich in 72. But you do deserve plenty of credit for winning those seven Gold Medals and providing motivation for a generation of swimmers after you, including Michael Phelps.

Michael Phelps your a class act who will not only earn the big bucks in promotions, but also be a great ambassador for the sport of Swimming. Because of you little boys and girls all across America, and all over the world, are dreamming of breaking your record of 8, as you did one day. Maybe it'll take another 36 years to do; or maybe it will never happen. Who knows? Congratulations and Thank You Michael Phelps. You've been a pleasure to watch.

Photo:Paul Newberry AP

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