Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Keep Favre's Breakout Game In Perspective

Brett Favre finally had his breakout game for the NY Jets we all knew he would eventually have. Who thought he would throw for 6 TD's in one game, 3 to Laveranues Coles? Well I for one know that anything is possible with Favre. But with that possibility also comes the risk of throwing some interceptions when chances are taken. So if you want Favre and Schettenheimer to take those chances rather than run the ball three times in a row (i.e. New England Game) you have to be willing to accept an interception or two along the way. He's that kind of a quarterback; you have to let him take his chances and sling the ball and hope that he makes more plays than he blows; and historically he's made a whole lot more than he's blown to date.

Favre's breakout game is due to two major reasons though. One: Favre is more on the same page, obviously, with his receivers, especially Coles who had his best game TD-wise with 3 TD's. Two: The Arizona Cardinals are not such a great team. They tried to hand the game to the Jets with 7 turnovers (3 INT's, 4 Fumbles lost). The Jets took the game over in the 2nd quarter by scoring 34 points after a scoreless 1st quarter, but tried to hand the game back to the Cardinals by spotting them 21 points in the 3rd quarter to make things interesting. They just happened to outscore them in the 4th quarter enough to win the game by 21, in a wild mistake filled game with a Final score of 56-35 Jets. Crazy!!! But keep this win in perspective. Favre did have a breakout game, no doubt, and it's nice to see Cole's get over his crush on Chad Pennington already and get involved in a big way; but The Jets defense really played up and down in this game by laying down in the 3rd quarter and giving up 35 points in the second half. The Jets were lucky they were playing the hapless Cardinals who repeatedly turned the ball over at the most inopportune times (like the whole game). So far this season the Jets beat two Bad-to-Mediocre teams and lost to two Superior teams. So keep it in perspective. They're 2-2 now. Not bad, but not great either. Favre does make it exciting and the Defense did show flashes of what they might become, but they were too inconsistent to believe they're gonna get away with a win every week if they play like that. The Jets are headed in the right direction from the looks of it. They just have to continue to head that way. In two weeks, after the Bye Week, we'll see. They play Cincinnati, an 0-4 team, who most likely will be 0-5 after playing Dallas this week, and will certainly have their backs up against the wall one way or another. That should be a game The New York Jets dominate too. They could easily be 3-2 going into week 7. Don't think they're sittin' pretty yet. We'll see. Enjoy being .500 right now though fellow Jets fans. Enjoy.

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