Monday, September 15, 2008

New England Patriots Still Class of AFC East and NFL

The NY Jets still couldn't pull off a victory against the New England Patriots at the Meadowlands Sunday even with The Patriot's hands tied behind their back. Without Tom Brady leading the Bunch the Patriots proved they're still the team to beat in the AFC East. Matt Cassel's first career start(16-for-23,165 yards,no TD's,no INT's) was one in the "W" column for the Pats as well as the New York Jets first loss of the season, dropping their record to .500, and extending the Patriots regular season winning streak one more game. It's apparent that even with Brett Favre (18-for-26,1TD,1INT) at quarterback Mangini's Jets are still not in the same class as the Patriots. The Jets were in the game until the fourth quarter, but just missed too many opportunities and made too many mistakes to compete on the same level as New England. Matt Cassel and Belichick's Patriots played mistake free football as usual, and The Jets were "the same old Jets" as usual too! The major difference between teams was the Jets were penalized 6 times for 60 yards compared to twice for 10 yards by the Pats, and the big interception of Favre by Brandon Meriweather on an ill advised, off balance pass in the 3rd quarter. Sometimes the chances Favre takes pay off, sometimes they don't. This was one that worked against him. Like the interception in last years Championship game against The Giants, Favre wished he could have this one back. Lets face it; Favre is exciting to watch because of the risks he takes to put his team in a winning position. But sometimes these very risks he takes backfire, and this time that's what happened. Another hiccup was Jay Feely's missed 31-yard field-goal attempt in the first quarter. You just can't make these kind of mistakes if you plan on beating the Patriots. Just ask the other NFL team that plays in New Jersey. Tom Brady is certainly one of the best quarterbacks of all time, but the Patriots proved that they can win without him. They're still a great team with a great system and a great coach (however much he lacks in personality). The Patriots are still the team to beat in the AFC East and in the NFL!

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