Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Should NY Jets Rejoice Pat's Tom Brady Out?

Players and teams are never happy to see opponents get hurt, especially a season ending injury like New England Patriots Tom Brady suffered the first game of the season Sunday. And the Jets did express sympathetic feelings upon learning of Brady's season being cut short. But the consequences do exist. Matt Cassel will be the starter at the Meadowlands next week against the NY Jets, and presumably the rest of the '08 season; and you would expect the Jets, and the rest of the NFL's AFC East, to rejoice that they won't have to face him this year. But stop right there Don't write off the New England Patriots just yet! Bill Belichick's teams have overcome key losses in the past (see Brady replacing an injured Drew Bledsoe a few years back) and they'll most likely rise to the occasion again. You never know! They may find another rising star in Cassel. He certainly has a great supporting cast around him on offense, and Belichick's Defenses are always strong units with lots of depth and this year will be no exception. So don't start rejoicing yet Jets Fans. There's plenty of football left. Tom Brady was just one player, although an important one, on a very strong team. He didn't single handedly win 16 regular season games and two Playoff games including the AFC Championship Game in '07. He was just one player on a whole team of champions to make it happen. I expect the Patriots will not lose a beat. They'll persevere; and they'll still rise to the top. It should be interesting though to see how this plays out for the Jets and the rest of the AFC East. What do you think will happen?

Note: New York Jets signed Kicker Jay Feely, 32, to replace the injured Mike Nugent.


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