Monday, September 15, 2008

NY Mets Going Nowhere Fast

With 14 Games remaining in the '08 regular season the NY Mets seem to be headed down the same path as last September. The path to nowhere! With 27 blown saves this season, 11 of which were committed in the 9th inning, The Mets bullpen has the team ready to lose the National League East Division. If they do win it they're not gonna go far without a competent closer. Either somebody wakes up or the New York Mets can kiss the Pennant goodbye. This past weekend The Mets dropped two out of three to the weak Atlanta Braves after nice starting efforts by Johan Santana in Saturday's early game and Oliver Perez Sunday were blown in the 9th innings of those games. The Mets salvaged the series with one win in the late game Saturday. It seems as though they're trying to emulate last years collapse, blowing a seven game lead with 17 games remaining. Now they only have a one game lead over the Philadelphia Phillies with 14 games left. I guess if Luis Ayala or someone else doesn't pick up the slack of losing Billy Wagner the Mets seem like they're destined to repeat the downward spiral of last years end to the season. It's like their games are a microcosm of the season; sometimes strong going into the home stretch, but they find a way to blow it in the end.

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